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Funny words around breast-feeding

I came across some funny words on internet after childbirth. They are the words about breast-feeding.

完ミ……完全にミルクで育てる(Grow a baby with only powder milk)

完母……完全に母乳で育てる(Grow a baby with only breast milk)

混合……ミルクと母乳を両方使って育てる(Grow a baby with both powder milk and breast milk)

After childbirth, I knew for the first time that there are some groups which strongly go ahead with breast-feeding. A doctor told me that they even call powder milk as “chemical soup”.

That’s scary!!!131207_kanmi


My son Haruhiko is now 1 year old. His behavior reminds me of my cat I had before. He, my cat, could also replied to me by wagging his tail whenever and whatever I say something.