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Won’t you make your marriage proposal?


In the bathroom, 5-years-old Taka suddenly asked me “Won’t you make your marriage proposal?” walking around the edge of the bathtub.

I know he is copying the phrase in a TV commercial of a Japanese news paper publisher, Asahi-shimbun. The commercial suggests to make a marriage proposal filling the page of the news paper, printing like “Please marry me, Juliet.” with very large letters. I don’t think this is a good idea…

As for myself, I didn’t proposed by my husband. I was the one who wanted to get married, but he was not as it is a common matter for a man of age 30, so I rushed him to marry me and prepared for marriage by myself and finally, you know, we’ve got married.

I felt a little bit sad about this missing a marriage proposal from my boyfriend-now my husband, but recently, in 8 years of marriage life, I found one good thing about this.

When I have a fight with my husband, I can think like this;

“Well, I’m the one who decided to marry him. I’m the one who chose him. This life is my decision, not his. So, I should fine the good way to live with him.”

Sound like sour grapes? Maybe…YES!

Preparing for nursery school

nurseryschoolMy two boys, Age 5 and Age 2, goes to nursery school every weekday. As of this, I have to prepare nursery school goods for them every single day, and finally I found my beautiful solution!

Preparing every goods at once on the weekend!

First, gather the stuff like T-shirts, pants, towels from closets. Second, make them into five 5 bundles for each kid. At last, wrap them with rubber bands, put cups and toothbrushes into small bags. This will help you a lot on weekday mornings and I’m sure you will appreciate to yourself!!!

After I decided to do this, I bought extra clothes so that I can prepare at once.

In the Photograph above, you see 5 bundles for 2 years old Haru and another 5 bundles for 5 years old Taka and 5 small bags for Taka.

Each bundle for Haru contains…

*1 T-shirt

*1 Pant

*1 Under wear

*1 towel to dry hands

*2 towels to wipe his mouth on lunch and snack time

*1 cup

*1 toothbrush

Each bundles for Taka contains…

*1 T-shirt

*1 pant

*1 under wear

*1 towels to dry hand

*1 cup

*1 toothbrushe

*1 set of chopstick

I hope this will make your busy morning happier!