Monthly Archives: April 2015

If I were a heart


Taka, age 5, said to me.

“If I were a heart, I could work in someone’s body.”

I often see a sentence, “If I were a bird, I could fly in the sky.” but this is the first time I think about becoming a heart.

The Experience when I quit breast feeding


Regarding Taka’s breast feeding, I stopped it when he become One and a half years old.

After I quit breast feeding, I made an appointment with my friend to have dinner together. On my way to the restaurant to her, I suddenly had a feeling that my head and body was going to be clear and clear, and my motherly pink mist is going out from me.

Welcome back, myself! Welcome back from 100% motherhood!

Daubt of Waterproof Poster



My colleague gave me a waterproof ABC poster for kids. After I went home, I handed it to Taka saying, “You can take this into the bath! Put this on the bath wall.” But I found he left it outside. He told me, “I think it doesn’t look OK in the water.”

He is such a careful person.

The poster’s texture is really like a ordinary paper, but it says, trash it as a plastic.