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How much longer…

141013_lifetime_enWhen I was having dinner, my 5-years-old son, Taka, suddenly asked me, “Mummy, how much longer am I going to live?”

Facing unexpected question, I thought…,

(Well, Japanese average life expectancy is over 80 years old. As you are 5-years-old now, you have about 80 years or less left…but wait, is this the answer that I should tell him now? It might be better to tell him that first of all, it’s very happy and lucky thing to live to a ripe old age…)

I couldn’t decide what to say. Anyway, he didn’t seem to care my answer that much.

Recently, he often asks me questions about lifetime, death, getting old. Children’s questions are often so simple and very powerful.

Boy, ask me anything and organize knowledge about life. And If you get to the truth about life, please let me know!


Book Layout Format for Editors

This September, I moved back to “book editorial” department from “web editorial” department. For my first job, I have to rough out “book page layout” after a long interval. As I wanted some book layout formats, I searched for internet but couldn’t find ones. In the end, I made them with Illustrator. I uploaded PDF files, so you can print them out if you need! Enjoy your editing!

Printout booklayout_08


Printout booklayout_04


Printout booklayout_02


Printout booklayout_01


The reason why the towel is soaking wet

140701_waterpistol_en 1
Recently, I’ve often found the towel on the rack is soaking wet when I’ve gone to dry my hands. The first time, I just put the towel into the washing machine. The second time, I put the towel into the washing machine thinking it was a really odd coincidence. The third time, I called Taka and told him, “I’ll give you a smack on the bottom if you don’t tell me the truth”. He confessed that he’d shot it with his water pistol! I was almost sure he’d been the criminal, but didn’t think he’d shot it.

Dream thick!

I heard of a fantastic faucet in Ehime Prefecture (where the oranges are grown).From the faucet in Ehime, orange juice flow out, they say. Well, My son’s dream is more rich, more thick.140411_Yakult