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Sugar, please!


As this had happened just before I went out to meet my friend, I put this filled-to-the-brim-mug to the fridge.

After I came back home, I took it out from the fridge and put a spoon in it silently. It went into a hard bottom at a very shallow depth. Sugar.

I couldn’t throw them away. It is too Mottainai (wasting). It contains a large amount of Sugar. I decided to make a syrup. A tea flavor syrup. What for? I had no idea. Anyway, I made it, kept it in a honey jar and I used it when I cook something. Very ecological mother, aren’t I?

However, now the syrup is recrystallized into very hard lump in the honey jar. How can I use it? Brother, you are so scary. No more “Sugar, please!” please!

Preparing for nursery school

nurseryschoolMy two boys, Age 5 and Age 2, goes to nursery school every weekday. As of this, I have to prepare nursery school goods for them every single day, and finally I found my beautiful solution!

Preparing every goods at once on the weekend!

First, gather the stuff like T-shirts, pants, towels from closets. Second, make them into five 5 bundles for each kid. At last, wrap them with rubber bands, put cups and toothbrushes into small bags. This will help you a lot on weekday mornings and I’m sure you will appreciate to yourself!!!

After I decided to do this, I bought extra clothes so that I can prepare at once.

In the Photograph above, you see 5 bundles for 2 years old Haru and another 5 bundles for 5 years old Taka and 5 small bags for Taka.

Each bundle for Haru contains…

*1 T-shirt

*1 Pant

*1 Under wear

*1 towel to dry hands

*2 towels to wipe his mouth on lunch and snack time

*1 cup

*1 toothbrush

Each bundles for Taka contains…

*1 T-shirt

*1 pant

*1 under wear

*1 towels to dry hand

*1 cup

*1 toothbrushe

*1 set of chopstick

I hope this will make your busy morning happier!

2-year-old Haru’s Self-promotion Method

150102_calling_enHappy New Year!

I haven’t updated this blog for about two months but I’m going to update more often this year. Maybe once a week or more…

On this new year’s holidays, I saw Haru, my 2-year-old son,  was promoting himself using a very simple method — calling someone’s name.







I saw this made his grandma smile. As you see, he doesn’t have anything to say. Just calls and calls someone’s name.

Now I’ve learned this super simple method works, maybe I’ll try this when I want to attract someone but don’t have anything to say.

Vacuuming up baby’s running nose in midnight

I often use this “running nose vacuum” as babies can’t blow their nose.131208_runningnose_en


My son Haruhiko is now 1 year old. His behavior reminds me of my cat I had before. He, my cat, could also replied to me by wagging his tail whenever and whatever I say something.