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The Experience when I quit breast feeding


Regarding Taka’s breast feeding, I stopped it when he become One and a half years old.

After I quit breast feeding, I made an appointment with my friend to have dinner together. On my way to the restaurant to her, I suddenly had a feeling that my head and body was going to be clear and clear, and my motherly pink mist is going out from me.

Welcome back, myself! Welcome back from 100% motherhood!

Vacuuming up baby’s running nose in midnight

I often use this “running nose vacuum” as babies can’t blow their nose.131208_runningnose_en

Funny words around breast-feeding

I came across some funny words on internet after childbirth. They are the words about breast-feeding.

完ミ……完全にミルクで育てる(Grow a baby with only powder milk)

完母……完全に母乳で育てる(Grow a baby with only breast milk)

混合……ミルクと母乳を両方使って育てる(Grow a baby with both powder milk and breast milk)

After childbirth, I knew for the first time that there are some groups which strongly go ahead with breast-feeding. A doctor told me that they even call powder milk as “chemical soup”.

That’s scary!!!131207_kanmi