How To Use Soil In Hamster House

2 weeks ago, a hamster boy came to our house. My son chose this golden hamster with long gray hair. He named him “Sui”.

Hello! I’m Sui. I was born in September 2017.

As you see, we keep him on soil. Hamsters are originally from Syrian desert, so they love to dig soil–the pet shop staff says. I like this information that hamsters are originally from Syria. I’m very interested in middle eastern countries and some of my friends who visited Syria before says Syria is very very nice. I think of Syrian desert when I see Sui’s house.

This is the very first moment we met Sui at the pet shop

We bought the soil at the pet shop

This is bacteria water. We spray this every day to the soil and the bacteria decompose the hamster’s pee

We gather hamster poop with this mesh scop everyday

First, add soil. Make it about 10cm thick

Next, set hamster’s house, water server, and food dish

Finally, set the hamster wheel

This hamster wheel is designed to put on the floor, but you can’t put on the soil. Hang the wheel with wire or something

This hamster house is made of grass and the cover is made of wood and metal net. As hamsters are very good at running away, we put plate of grass on top. We also cover with big cloth at night

Please don’t forget to keep hamster warm!  20-26 degrees are good for them. In Japan, we need heater for him during winter 24 hrs. We put the very thin heater sheet under the hamster house. I don’t want to see the electric bill…

I used to keep cat when I was a child and still I love cats. But after I welcomed Sui to my house, I found hamsters are also very nice!