Sugar, please!


As this had happened just before I went out to meet my friend, I put this filled-to-the-brim-mug to the fridge.

After I came back home, I took it out from the fridge and put a spoon in it silently. It went into a hard bottom at a very shallow depth. Sugar.

I couldn’t throw them away. It is too Mottainai (wasting). It contains a large amount of Sugar. I decided to make a syrup. A tea flavor syrup. What for? I had no idea. Anyway, I made it, kept it in a honey jar and I used it when I cook something. Very ecological mother, aren’t I?

However, now the syrup is recrystallized into very hard lump in the honey jar. How can I use it? Brother, you are so scary. No more “Sugar, please!” please!